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1 E-cigarette, 900mah ego batterie luxury model

15 designs battery with ce4 of gsmoker package in blister with usb cable, lanyard and 1 liquid

1 E-cigarette, 900mah ego batterie luxury model

1 eGo Cigarette 900mah, luxury design in a blister with a CE4 or gsmoker (iclear16) of Maxi clearomizer and free Lanyard and free liquid

Battery has the 5-Klick on/off 

1  eGo battery 900mah
1 Clearomizer CE4 or gsmoker (iclear16) of maxi
1  USB cable
rechargeable battery >300

 Specifications clearomizer gsmoker

1.Clearomizer tank system,easy to refill and clean
2.Newest unique atomizer/clearomizer
3.Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic
4.100% no burning smell,no leakage
5.510 Screw thread,compatible with 510,EGO,EGO-T,EGO-W,EGO-C battery
6.LOW resistance atomizer about 2.1 ohm
7.Easy to refill,great taste and huge vapor
8.Changeable Heat coil

€ 21.95